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How's My Driving?

I do appreciate opinions and criticism from those who actually care enough to offer them.
Please feel free to offer up any thoughts you have on my portrayal.
Anonymous comments are on though I encourage anyone with an opinion to say it openly. I like to think of myself as easy going and relaxed.
Thank you for taking the time to comment, I will give each and every comment attention.
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This is the IC contact page for Cassandra "Sandy" Marko. Phones, magic, internet, whatever method you're using to contact her.

"This is Sandy, I'm not near my phone. Do what you do at the beep."

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 [ The morning race.]

[It wasn't often that Sandy was ever late for school really, she was always up in the morning running around town getting her morning workout in. Taking after her sister's work ethic Sandy wouldn't let herself miss a day of running.

But after running around town she had to run home and shower off so she wouldn't smell like sweat all day long. And as it so happened her mind began to wander in the shower leading her to be late, popping out of the front door of her home and hitting the street with an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich hanging from her mouth.

Typical American attitude.

Thankfully she's fast, as one might expect from a member of the track team so if you're in her way look out! She's gonna either pass you or crash into you!]

On your left!


[ School Daze.]

[ Unfortunately while she's a hard working little athlete when it comes to class Sandy is...easily distracted. She'll often get caught doodling in her note book or starring out the window clearly wishing she were enjoying the beautiful weather. About the only classes she pays close attention in are History, Art and music class. Maybe she's been assigned to work with you and if that's the case she'll smile apologetically promising not to drag you down too badly.

Outside of class she can be found outside of the building strolling around, or in the library or lunch room drawing in her note book. A nice enough girl just not terribly focused or willing to stand out from the crowd unless it's in one of the subjects she's passionate about.

One particular note is how Sandy never eats or drinks anything at school she doesn't bring herself or buy from a vending machine. The school lunch and water fountains are all perfectly functional but she never gives a satisfying answer as to why. ] 


[ True Passion. ] 

[Keeping in the proud tradition of after school programs Sandy is a member of both the Art Club and the Track team. Depending on where you find her you'll notice her attitude is fairly different in each place.

In Art Club she is an often frustrated but talented amateur, often working with paints and paper though sometimes branching out into other art forms like sculpting. While the work is good the subjects of her work often confuse her as she tries to make the picture have meaning that she can't grasp. The teacher who helps with the class has long given up on trying to help her be satisfied with her current level of skill and instead offers a critical eye in hopes it will inspire her. What helps more is when she moves around the classroom and watches the other students at work. It's soothing to her watching art be made.

Out on the field she's a completely different person. At peace if not excited about the sport she runs hard and fast every day as if she's being chased by monsters or something. And when she screws up she screws up hard, crashing to the ground and spinning before forcing herself back up to keep running, always desperate to push her time down a little more.

As expected from the little sister of someone who was formerly a star athlete in the school. Sandy may not be on that level yet but it's clear she's aiming for it.]


[ A Girl and her Duck ]

[ As the sun sets on this sleepy little town Sandy opts to stay out a bit before dinner, wandering the streets. One of her favorite places to lay about is an old bridge with a shallow stream of water passing under it. A large white duck swims up and down the slow moving stream as Sandy lays about in the grass watching the clouds go by. Eventually she gets up and pulls some spray cans from her backpack retreating to the underside of the bridge and getting to work. Today she's painting birds racing along the wall which she already painted earlier to have stars and a large moon. Some day she expects someone will notice what she's doing down here and put a stop to it, but hopefully not tonight. She's feeling particularly inspired and enjoying the hiss of spray paint and the smell of it drying.] 

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OOC Information

Player: Al
Contact Information: [ profile] alkapwnd on plurk, ibechibb on AIM, spacepiratecatdude on skype or

Cassandra "Sandy" Marko

Canonpoint: Taken from Book 3 of Spider-man:Reign midway and sent to [community profile] thegames  before being brought to [community profile] soulgemmed 
Age: Looks ten but is actually 13
Wish: "I wish I could escape this place"
Result: Increased speed and agility is granted as well as returning her ability to become a living statue of stone.
Weapon: A shovel
Outfit: Cutest little grave digger


» Outrun the bear Increased Speed and Reflexes to that of an adult Olympic athlete giving her the average running speed of 100M every ten seconds. While running at full speed she can go for roughly five minutes which would get her vaguely 18 miles away from her original location, however she would be exhausted at that point and need to stop, rest, eat and drink.
"I just realized I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you."

» Stone BodyMuch like the ability she was born with she can turn her entire body to stone including hair, clothes and insides. While this slows down her speed and agility this gives her a major increase to her defensive ability and a minor increase in strength allowing her to endure a much greater amount of pain and punishment then she ever could in her normal human form. 
"I will close my ears and my heart and I will be a stone. Please, God, make me a stone." 

» Dig deep- Using her shovel blade sandy can magically tunnel through dirt and stone with ease. Perfect for escapes or laying traps. Stone is more exhausting then dirt obviously.
"Every time I hit rock bottom, someone throws me a shovel."

» Loot Stash: Using her shovel Sandy can summon and vanish away a Treasure Chest. This acts as a hammerspace storage for items much like Homura's shield but at level one it can only store about as much as a large duffle bag. 
"One man's trash is another girl's treasure." 

» Sand Elemental:  When activated Sandy's body dissipates into a form of animated sand-like silicon particles. In this form Sandy is incredibly agile and resistant to injury in exchange for weakening her attacking strength. Benefits include being able to slither into spaces otherwise impossible to slip through such as under doors, and being able to blind, scour or choke opponents. Drawbacks include a weakness to water, extreme heat crystalizing her, falling victim to wind based attacks scattering her or even being vacuumed up. The longer she remains in this form the longer it takes for her to come back together and the larger a drain it is on her soul gem.                                                                                                                                  "Like sand through the hourglass, these are the lives of our Magi"

» Summon Trowels:  Sandy can summon two small trowels that are sharp enough to use as daggers and balanced enough she can throw them with skill. 
"Sometimes, all it takes is one stab in the right place for everything to come apart."



I'm OK with just about everything. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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Player name: Al
Contact info: [ profile] alkapwnd on plurk, ibechibb on AIM or spacepiratecatdude on skype or
Other characters currently played: Azula

Character name: Cassandra "Sandy" Marko
Age: 13 (Looks ten)
Canon: Spider-man: Reign Via [community profile] thegames
Canonpoint: Taken from a point in Spider-man Reign where the city was under attack by venom symbiotes and rather then die, she had led one into a church of kids hoping the monster would slow down and eat them so she could escape. then she arrived at [community profile] thegames and spent three years there.


(Pre-note: The Wiki lists her name as "Susie Baker" but in the comic she is never explicitly named. when she encounters her father "The Sandman" he can't remember her name. I opted to name her "Cassandra "Sandy" Marko because 1: Sandy is a punny name for the daughter of the Sandman and 2: His internal dialogue has Sandman guessing her name "What was her name? Sally...Susie...?" So I made the jump to Sandy.

As for why her last name is Marko instead of Baker? That was pure accident. I didn't realize at the time that "Flint Marko" Was an alias and his real name was William Baker. It doesn't really hurt anything though so I just opted that for whatever reason his wife only knew him as Flint Marko and took the last name of Marko.)

In Sandy's canon history she is featured throughout the story of Spider-man Reign as a rebellious but cowardly young girl standing up against the totalitarian police state that New York has become, but ultimately running away whenever the time comes to stand her ground.

She knows that a world with strict curfew and corrupt police is wrong, but she's waiting for a hero like the legendary Spider-man to show up and save the day. She is broken hearted when Spider-man does come to fight back and he's easily defeated by the sinister six and runs away as she often has done so far.

When venom symbiotes rain from the sky Sandy makes one last attempt to outrun her problems, leading the monsters chasing her into a church full of children, her instincts telling her if the monsters are busy eating those kids she can escape. It was from this point that she was taken to Thegames.
  • Sandy's mind and personality were downloaded by the Gamemakers of Panem into a cloned body to compete in The Hunger Games for District 12.

  • In her first arena (The fifth Arena since the beginning of what was known as "The Never Ending Quell") Sandy was given her first taste of survival against the elements only managing to last for a few weeks on a frozen tundra due to the charity of a few other tributes who protected her, fed, shared supplies and offered her advice though some of it was rather dark. She was killed by a mutant with the ability to shape shift who transformed into a hulking beast and ripped her head off.

  • In the Capitol Sandy met her "team" in district 12 consisting of mentors Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch, as well as stylist Cinna and escort Effie Trinket. Sandy grew close to these people over the year but one by one they vanished under various circumstances. Effie's loss was the hardest on Sandy as Effie had become a sort of surrogate mother figure to Sandy and the two spent a great deal of time bonding. The last time Sandy saw Effie she was beaten and broken on television for suspected aiding and abetting rebels.

  • In her second Arena, Sandy began to develop a rivalry with fellow tribute Pruna, a girl slightly younger then her who was trained as an assassin in service to a dark chaos god. It was...a very lopsided rivalry as Pruna had all the skill and courage and Sandy only had her modern intelligence to go off of. In this arena Sandy tried to hide in a crypt from a fellow tribute who was hunting her and was eaten by a swarm of spiders.

  • Back in the Capitol Sandy reunited with Pruna and introduced her to Ice Cream as well as other modern marvels like electricity. Offering her understanding of the modern world in trade, Sandy and Pruna ended their short lived rivelry and became allies instead.

  • It was also during this time in the Capitol Sandy was labeled as a rebellious tribute along with several others due to things she had said in the arena. A wrist cuff was attacked to her so she could be monitored. Her developing paranoia began to stress her into fits of anxiety attacks but Pruna and Effie did their best to keep her calm. Sandy began painting the walls of her room to deal with this anxiety.

  • The third arena was a garrish nightmare of a candyland. Everything looked edible, the sun was always shining, there was cheerful music playing and on day one Sandy got her leg mangled in a bear trap. Pruna helped to drag her away and even found someone with medical skills to help pry off the bear trap and treat the wound so she wouldn't die. Thankfully sponsors provided them with plenty of medicine. It was at this time Sandy learned of manipulative tactics from the medic Pruna had procured. He claimed to have a relationship with another tribute to earn more sponsors. Sandy decided to do the same and she and Pruna agreed to be "Girlfriends." Pruna helped to drag Sandy through the arena for four weeks before one day Sandy had been left alone while Pruna hunted, and Sandy was attacked by a fellow tribute who was a zombie. Sandy went down swinging but in the end her brains were eaten.

  • Back in the Capitol Sandy finally buckled down and started training harder with her mentors. While Haymitch was more or less absent, Katniss, Peeta and even some other tributes helped Sandy build her skills with knives, first aid, traps and even baking. She also took notice of the building stress of various adults like Effie as life became more tense.

  • In the fourth arena, Sandy finally found some courage as she and Pruna were being hunted by a raptor on a tropical island. In a fit of insanity/bravery Sandy dropped from a tree onto the beasts back and slit it's throat earning Pruna's respect. Unfortunately their curiosity got the best of them and while exploring a cave for shelter she and Pruna were attacked and eaten by a giant Eel.

  • Returned to the Capitol again Sandy was surprised along with all the other tributes with a trip to the Districts they were representing. It was here that Sandy got her first look at District 12 and the crummy situation they lived in. The tours tried to keep Sandy in the nicer parts of the District but she managed to explore a bit and bond with some of the locals who held her in high esteem for her efforts. It made her more determined to actually win and make a difference however small for them.

  • The next arena (Her fifth) was designed like a museum. It was in this arena that Sandy made friend with a few people who would be very important to her in the coming months, Jane Shepard who would teach her all manner of survival and combat, Mindy Macready who would also train her to fight and be an on again off again friend/enemy and Homura Akemi who would teach Sandy the importance of not giving up, as well as how to make bombs. Before Homura died protecting Sandy she gave sandy a bag of home made bombs which Sandy would later use in a fight with Mindy. Mindy had killed Pruna and claimed it was to teach Sandy a lesson about relying on her too much. Sandy was infuriated and fought Mindy almost to a standstill. In a last ditch effort to kill Mindy Sandy blew herself up and Mindy limped away to win the arena.

  • Back in the Capitol Sandy partially forgave Mindy and continued to train harder with her new allies in the training facility. It was during this break as well Sandy participated in a sponsored event by a company making hover cycles. Sandy won the children's devision race and was given a contract with the company and allowed to keep her hover cycle. She grew to love it.

  • The sixth arena she'd participated in was a creepy little town, very silent hill in design. Monsters lurked around every corner. In what had become a tradition for Sandy and Pruna they would attempt to ambush Jane Shepard and see how she could fend them off, however this time the house they were in began to collapse and Shepard made a hard choice to save Sandy over Pruna because Pruna was stronger. Pruna fell into a basement full of monster bugs and died fighting. Sandy spent the next few weeks wandering around in a haze, avoiding monsters as best she could until the arena produced zombie-like clones of their loved ones. Zombie Pruna tried to kill sandy and she fought her off, but when Sandy tried to tend to another ally who seemed to be sick and dying, that ally turned on her and bit her infecting her with the zombie virus. Sandy died soon after and became a zombie.

  • Returning to the Capitol Sandy discovered Pruna had not been revived. She was gone...or so it seemed. It was also during this time that Effie Trinket was taken away by the head of Capitol security and tortured. Her broken expression was shown on TV so all could know what happened to those who defied the Capitol. Sandy was overwhelmed with fury and depression and so she joined a small team of rebels who broke into the head of securities house. In the end Sandy was the one to plunge the knife into the vile woman and murder her. Without a clear suspect the Capitol captured and tortured Sandy into madness as well as a large group of random tributes trying to get a confession. Some detective tributes investigated the crime but when they figured out Sandy had to be the culprit, they lied to the capitol and some nameless NPC took the fall eventually.

  • Pruna had been revived during this time and along with several other tributes attempted a breakout at the detention center. Sandy was rescued by Pruna for all of three days, during which Pruna had to deal with Sandy's broken mind and at one point near the end Pruna tried to put Sandy out of her misery. They fought and were found and re-captured. Each of them branded with the Capitol's logo on their face as punishment.

  • They were not released until the next arena (Sandy's seventh) which was designed to look like a mall. At the very start of this arena Sandy saw one of her childhood heroes "Captain America" Delivering a speech of loyalty and unity trying to bring the tributes together and discourage them from playing the Capitol's game. The Capitol responded by blowing up 25% of the tributes on the spot. Sandy's faith in old heroes was fading fast. On the plus side later she would meet Iron Man and he would teach her how to properly pour scotch.

  • Still in the seventh arena, Sandy, Pruna and The Grand Highblood met up in a bookstore. The Grand Highblood had previously trained Sandy and Pruna for combat, but after the breakout in the detention center he had been Avoxed, a term meaning tortured and broken, given a lobotomy so he was a timid and obedient servant of the Capitol. In the bookstore the three of them discovered that the Capitol had mocked up some stories about them, including their past, and their futures. If Sandy's book was correct she was doomed to be gunned down for being a metahuman if she ever returned home.

  • Paranoia and anxiety began to set in after Pruna died. Sandy lashed out in fear at an older man trying to help her and accidentally stabbed him through the chest with a sharpened decorative candy cane. It was her first time killing another tribute and even though he eventually forgave her, she still hasn't.

  • Even LATER in this seventh arena, as all Sandy's friends died off one by one, Sandy was unaware that Jane Shepard had poisoned the water supply with Drell Venom. Ingesting it slowly fed into Sandy's PTSD and anxiety issues till she began hallucinating. On the final day of the arena Sandy thought she saw the head of Capitol security, back from the dead despite her gaping knife wounds. Sandy panicked and attacked only to be gunned down by another tribute. That tribute eventually went on to win the arena.

  • Due to the way things ended in the seventh arena upon returning to the Capitol Sandy discovered that rebels from District 13 had set up a hacked post on the network so tributes could speak with them in secret. Sandy used this opportunity to confess to the murder of the Head of Capitol security and apologize for those who had been punished along with her. Most of them forgave her...however someone didn't.

  • It is unknown who tipped off the Capitol, but since they had already punished so many for the murder, the game makers decided a special "Mini Arena" was in order. All tributes under the age of 18 were dressed in video game related costumes and set into an obstacle course of death. Points were awarded per tribute killed or task completed and these points would aid them in the next arena. A special extra large prize was placed on Sandy's head for the tribute who managed to kill her. The Capitol made it very clear she was not to survive this mini-arena. They even placed her in a costume that made it difficult for her to maneuver until she ripped it to shreds. Only through the aid of her various allies and her own desperate speed was she able to make it to the end of the mini-arena. She died when thrown from a go-kart, snapping her neck only inches from the finish line. This was the last time Sandy saw Pruna much to her heart break.

  • The next arena (Sandy's eighth) was set in a place built to simulate the moon. Sandy's death in this arena was brutal and horrific as in the first ten minutes of the arena, another girl smashed the visor of her space suit with a rock leaving her to die depressurizing where no one would hear her scream. She was particularly bitter about this death because it seemed like no matter how hard she trained, accidents like this could happen and there was nothing she could do about it.

  • Between arenas this time Sandy had it pointed out to her by Tony Stark that she was caught in a cycle of self deprecation and wounded pride. She always tried to tell herself and others she was stronger now then she had been when she started but it was largely to cover up that she still didn't feel strong at all thanks to constantly dying. It was also during this time that she met the timid "Phil Grey" former night watchmen at a demonic, haunted Pizza Parlor. He would prove a valuable friend later.

  • The next arena came (Sandy's ninth) and was a brutal ice age. As many of her allies had died and not returned Sandy began making new allies during activities such as running away from angry mutant geese and hunting for shelter. She protected Phil Grey and provided him with vodka as he lay dying, soothing his tormented soul as she promised that he shouldn't feel guilty about having to kill a fellow tribute in self defense. Eventually Sandy was set upon by The Grand Highblood who had been mutated into a monstrous undead version of himself. Sandy tried to kill him and put him out of his misery but he ripped her to shreds instead.

  • Inbetween arenas this time, it was decided the tributes under 18 were to begin attending school together. It was the Capitol's combined attempts to brainwash the younger tributes with propaganda and drugged juice boxes. As Sandy had experience in drugged drinks (Thanks Shepard) she quickly grew wise and stuck to drinking water. Despite the propaganda she actually did learn some useful things like math and science, and the school set up pen pals for her in District 12 and the Capitol. Through them Sandy reminded herself part of why she was fighting was so kids like her who had grown up in this world would have a better chance at a fair and less horrible future.

  • The next arena (Sandy's tenth) was medieval themed and Sandy unfortunately did not accomplish much. While creeping around a castle at night she was startled by a tribute who looked quite monstrous and she stabbed the tribute to death. The tributes closest friend and ally later tracked Sandy down and murdered her in retaliation in the catacombs beneath the castle, sliced clean in half and fed to rats.

  • Shortly after this arena a Mini arena ( Sandy's second Mini arena) was held where Sandy only survived a couple days, making it to a city before she fought and was beaten to death by a tribute known only as "The Batter." Her death drove Phil Grey over the edge to kill the batter and win the mini arena to become one of three victors.

  • Sandy's final arena ( The eleventh) Was a mish mash of all the tributes and their worlds put together. She was not off to a spectacular start as on the first day she fought with a tribute over a flame throwing guitar and got half of her body burnt up for her troubles. She spent the next two weeks in near constant pain from the burns until Phil Grey and some other sponsors sent her enough burn cream to keep the pain tolerable. It was also during these first few days Sandy finally met her pen pal from District 12 who was later reported as killed. Sandy would find out later they were secretly saved but at the time it was just another friend she had lost to The Hunger Games.

  • During her first couple weeks in the arena Sandy discovered a Pizza Parlor much like the one Phil had told her about. Nightmarish and full of robotic mascot monsters Sandy found a poor tribute being slowly eaten by one of the monsters. Sandy opted to put him out of his misery making him the third tribute she had killed during an arena. She did her best to make it quick and painless.

  • As time ticked by in the arena Sandy got her hands on some superhero masks that gave her access to her powers which made her stronger, and made it easier to ignore her burn wounds.The longer she wore the masks however the more accumulated pain she would have to endure later. this came to a head when a dragon attacked her and her newest ally Ermac. Ermac was fine fighting the dragon but Sandy donned a mask to help only to have the mask dissolve and drive her insane from the drugs inside it now melting through her skin. She stabbed Ermac in the back and spent the next few weeks running around being insane until she fought and killed (and was killed) by The Batter (Again)

  • It was after this arena that war erupted in Panem. The Hunger Games were suspended and on what was supposed to be another tour of the districts, the train was attacked by rebels and Sandy was taken into Capitol custody. It was here they decided to stamp out her rebellion properly by forcing her to endure extreme brainwashing techniques making her a sleeper agent for the Capitol.

  • Capitol forces met with Rebellion forces in District 12 to battle for control of the district. As soon as Sandy was unleashed onto the battle field she lost control of her body and began attacking every rebel she came into contact with. A tribute she had known since her second arena named Wesker saw an opportunity to use her to garner favor with the rebels and led her into the waiting arms of her former ally Ermac. She attacked Ermac who incapacitated her and captured her, taking her back to the Rebel headquarters in District 13 to have her brainwashing undone.

  • Finally able to embrace her rebellious desires Sandy joined the Rebels in District 13 eagerly and joined them on other missions to capture more districts from the Capitol. Unfortunately however Sandy was caught once more during an attempt to rescue Jane Shepard from Capitol control. Being taken back to the Capitol Sandy was being prepped for an avoxing when she was approached by Kyubey to make a contract.


When she began her journey Sandy was a girl with a lot of heart and morals, but also a lot of fear and self preservation. She stuck true to a joke her father used to love to tell about two campers running from a bear. One camper turns to the other and remarks "I just realized, I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you!"

To that extent, Sandy was perfectly fine going out and defying things she thought were unfair such as curfew, but when it came time to answer for her crime she would always run and abandon those who stood up with her to avoid punishment. She never had a lot of friends due to this as many of them were arrested, beaten or at the very least furious with her for chickening out on them.

Even now after all this time Sandy still gets the urge to run, to hide, to and it's that same feeling that fueled her wish. Though she has shown courage in the past, and has endured all sorts of pain and suffering in Panem everyone has their breaking point. And Sandy's came upon her hard enough to revive the coward in her heart urging her to abandon all her friends and loved ones once more in hopes she could escape the war once and for all.

When she is brave however she is reckless. Running headlong into conflict and trusting on her training to protect her. Sandy is well aware of her weaknesses in size and strength and tries to make up for them by learning as much as she can. Not all of it sticks but with enough practice and paranoia she's managed to pick up some good study habits that she employs to learn practical skills such as first aid, basic plant identification and so on.

She is prone to idol worship as well, finding more seasoned heroes and watching how they cope with the situations they are given. Though she does not always fall quickly for them, if they show they embody enough of what she thinks it means to be a hero Sandy will fall in line behind them and support them as much as she can. To that end however if the hero betrays her or lets her down it hits her hard.

Prone to guilt, Cassandra blames herself for things that are well outside of her control and even acknowledges it. But just because the brain knows that something is right doesn't mean the heart can stop feeling it. An example of this would be the events that took place after she murdered the Capitol's head of security and she indulged in self harm due to the guilt of seeing others punished for her crime. With the support of people she respected such as Jane Shepard, Sandy was able to see that even if she felt like falling apart she couldn't hurt herself like that. The Capitol would hurt her plenty but if she refused to let them see it effecting her then she was still winning.

Despite her age, Sandy's always spoken like someone older then she was. It comes from listening to how grown ups talked while trying to blend in with her surroundings and stay out of trouble. It only become more prominent when she was thrust into the spotlight of Panem. She doesn't particularly like standing in front of crowds but she's learned to tolerate it as need be. The same way she feels about fancy dress clothing and elaborate parties. She prefers function over fashion.

It's funny how after dying twelve times doesn't make it much less scarier really. It's given her a surprising tolerance for pain and once she's in the middle of enduring it she can brace herself, grit her teeth and hold on. But when it comes to actual death she's always torn between being scared that this might be her last time, or being scared that she would be happy to end it. She doesn't want to be the girl who gives up but it's always so tempting.

Despite her desperation to survive, she's also far too generous for her own good. This is because over her many trips into the arena she's worked out that if she relies on her age, what knowledge she can share and a minimum of supplies she can usually win people to her favor. And in return they often supply her with more then she needs, and more then once it's led to allies throwing down their lives for her. It's manipulative, but it's better then being greedy for the sake of survival.

In lighter traits, Sandy is an art lover. Painting, sculpture, music. She loves it and tries to explore it when she has free time. Something that was lacking in her own world was an abundance of easily accessible art, and Panem had more art then it knew what to do with. So between her training and studying Sandy would learn how to play guitar, or would paint the walls of her room as a form of therapy to try and help her cope with the nightmares that were symptomatic with victims of The Hunger Games.

Innately curious, she has more then once gotten herself into trouble by asking too many questions, or exploring dangerous places. Something she learned early on in the Hunger Games was that staying in one place and waiting was a sure way to die. But exploring and getting the lay of the land increases your chances of survival significantly.

Sandy has learned that as much as she wants to say there is good and evil in the world, there are too many shades of gray to make it that clear. Her strongest allies in the last few years have been murderers, thieves, military heroes with extremely questionable issues, and in some cases literal monsters. But all of them were ready and willing to stand up against the oppression and evil of the Capitol. Where is the line that says what is too far when you believe your fighting for the greater good? She's still not sure.

Wish:   "I wish I could escape this place."
Sandy's spent most of her life running in one way or another. Running away from danger, running towards it. But she's never been fast enough. When she was running away from her life problems other people always had to suffer so she could escape. When she was running towards a problem to challenge it head on she always got hurt. Despite all her training under various combat experts, despite all of her experience in the arenas eventually something always gets the better of her. She gets hurt, she dies, she starts over.
As she sits in her cozy little jail cell awaiting brainwashing, reprogramming or even a lobotomy she's feeling weak and helpless and scared once more. She's bitter that no matter how hard she steels herself she always gets hurt and no matter how fast she tries to run she always gets caught. Even the times when she's had her stone power the stone never seems strong enough to last and she cracks, breaks and crumbles.
If only she could be faster, stronger. If only she could outpace anyone trying to catch her, or out punch anyone who got in her way. Agile enough to dodge the pain thrown her way or strong enough to brush it off.
She doesn't want to be a coward forever, but whenever she's been brave it's gotten her killed because she wasn't strong enough or fast enough or both. And she knows that unless she goes with Kyuubey there is no way she's going to be tough enough to resist or quick enough to slip past them.
Just as Tony Stark once pointed out to her, she's trapped in her cycle of either telling herself and others she's stronger then she used to be...or moping that she's not strong enough. But maybe if she was just a little stronger and faster she could escape the cycle and escape the Capitol once and for all.
 Passive Ability & Active Ability: I made a change from my original choice for her power because I felt like perhaps I was over complicating things. I hope this new choice of a passive ability is acceptable.
Passive Ability: Increased Speed and Reflexes to that of an adult Olympic athlete giving her the average running speed of 100M every ten seconds. Faster then Sandy's ever been able to run, giving her a better chance to avoid getting hurt or caught ever again...though obviously it's going to take some getting used to and there are bound to be some rather painful accidents. While running at full speed she can go for roughly five minutes which would get her vaguely 18 miles away from her original location, however she would be exhausted at that point and need to stop, rest, eat and drink. With speed and agility like that however she might only need five minutes of going top speed to escape the Capitol cell she's trapped in and flee into the city where she could hide and rest until she was ready to continue her escape.
Active Ability: Stone body. Much like the ability she was born with she can turn her entire body to stone including hair, clothes and insides. While this slows down her speed and agility this gives her a major increase to her defensive ability and a minor increase in strength allowing her to endure a much greater amount of pain and punishment then she ever could in her normal human form. 
If the Capitol hadn't taken away her powers back in Panem perhaps she could endure their cruel torture more effectively. She knows for a fact she'd be able to fight them longer without being subdued. And there would be no way for them to lobotomize her into an Avox without killing her which...might be the better option.
While her stone skin has always shown to only be able to take so much abuse in the Arenas, with the magical boost of being a magical girl it will prove more durable and sturdy then what she was able to accomplish before. However it is not a perfect defense. She will still crack with enough damage, and even crumble if the damage is too great.
Weapon: A shovel. That's really all there is to it for now.

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Sandy's AC  885

Harley's AC 1345 - 140 = 1205

Orc's AC   605

Azula's AC 700


AC for 8/9 to 12/31

Sandy's AC 1,130

Harley's AC 765

Azula's AC 390

Ruffnut's AC 615

Roxy's AC 235

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Sandy  200
MAKING A NEW POST || +15 Credits ||
NEW CR || +25 Credits ||  1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
REPLYING TO A POST || +5 Credits || 1, 2.3,4, 5, 6,7,
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10+ COMMENT STRING || +5 Credits || 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
50+ COMMENT STRING || +5 Credits || 1, 2
100+ COMMENT STRING || +5 Credits || 

Harley 435
MAKING A NEW POST || +15 Credits || 1
NEW CR || +25 Credits || 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11.
REPLYING TO A POST || +5 Credits || 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, 16.
REPLYING TO A THREAD || +10 Credits ||
10+ COMMENT STRING || +5 Credits || 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12
50+ COMMENT STRING || +5 Credits || 1
100+ COMMENT STRING || +5 Credits ||
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Making a regular post +15: 1 , 2
Tagging with someone new +25: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8
Replying to a post +5: 1, 2, 3, 4
threads over 10 +5: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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Name: Al
Other characters: N/A

Name: Cassandra "Sandy" Marko
Fandom: Spider-Man Reign
Canon point/AU: She will be coming from near the end of her story, at a point when she was running for her life from monsters and leading them to a church where other children could serve as distractions so she could escape.
Journal: [personal profile] justoutrunyou
Icon: 100x100 icon to be used on the 'Sandy's icon for taken page'
Headshot: Please provide a 200x300 image to be used in the Sandy's 200x300

In the comic canon of Spider-man Reign the character of Sandy is shown through the story, though never given a name. She is present at many of the events that inspire revolution and bring Peter Parker back to his super heroics. Though she is not mentioned in the Wikipedia article I will list the significant events in the comic she partook in.

In the beginning she is shown with a group of kids spray painting on a wall. When the Reign police force show up they kids run and Sandy outruns them, thinking on her mantra that she doesn't need to outrun the police, just the other kids. The kids are caught and beaten brutally while an Elder Peter Parker watches and does nothing. This depresses Sandy making her feel there is no one coming to save them from this world.

Days Later when she is reading a Newspaper talking about the Return of spider-man a police officer seizes the paper from her and knocks her down brutally. Full of anger she is spotted by another boy who explains that she is not alone. He invites her to follow him and when she does she is led to a hidden church.

In the Church J. Jonah Jamerson is spreading ideas of revolution to the local children. It's here where Sandy feels the first stirrings of justice. As part of his revolution Jonah has the boy who led Sandy to the Church hack into the mainframe of the government regulated news cycle where they give out the address Spider-man has been living at.

Inspired by these messages the Hypno-hustler comes out of retirement, and Jonah leads the children outside to watch as the police force brutally execute the old man in front of a crowd. The police roust spider-man who proceeds to beat them silly till one of the police officers tackles Jamerson.

Sandy shouts in protest which causes the crowd to turn on the police. As things start swinging in the heroes favor however the sinster Six show up and Kraven the hunter stabs the hacker boy through the chest as Sandy stares in horror. The battle turns against Spider-man at this point and Sandy is crushed as the man she thought would save them all is beaten and unmasked, revealed to be an old man. With her hope dashed Sandy does what she does best, and runs away.

Hiding out on a rooftop while she tries to cope with the horrors she's witnessed, a Symbiote monster falls out of the sky nearly crushing Sandy. It knocks her from the roof and she narrowly avoids falling to her death. From here more Symbiote monsters are coming to life and start chasing after her. Sandy does the first thing she can think of which is run back to the church where she knows the monsters will be busy with the other children and she can escape.

Presentation: Sandy is a tough little cookie at times. She doesn't like to stand out because in her world people who stand out get hurt. She's unconcerned with fashion though given the options she's not a girly girl and prefers more functional sporty clothes or clothes to keep her safe from the elements.

When forced to communicate with adults Sandy has learned that the less she says, the less likely she is to get hurt, but at the same time she just can't stop herself from speaking up when something she disagrees with is being discussed. The more someone upsets her or the more a situation doesn't go her way the less emotion she'll put out no matter how many feelings she has on a particular topic.

When dealing with other kids Sandy is more forthcoming. She has lived a lonely life after all and she would very much like to have friends, but any friendship she has is tainted by the knowledge that if she had to, she would have to be able to leave them behind.

On the outside Sandy wants to appear smart, but not nerdy. Clever. Streetwise. But the more complicated things become the more she's willing to accept her limitations, and often uses them as an excuse when Adults demand better of her. She is after all "Just a kid"

Motivations: Reserved and on occasion snarky Sandy keeps to herself. She's grown up having to take care of herself so she tends not to grow attached to people right away. However if she has grown attached to you she'll be the first to urge you to run with her so you don't get hurt. She does have a boiling sense of justice and what is right and wrong under the surface, but recent events in her life have thrown that into a spiral and now she's just not sure anymore.

She doesn't have a very high opinion of herself, stemming in large from the way her world treats children as a inconvenience. She grew up listening to stories of the world that once was from her father before he was taken away, so those stories morals of freedom, everyone having a second chance, and good triumphing over evil have stuck deep into her core. Even if she doesn't always admit it to herself. She wants to believe she's smarter then that. Smart enough to stay out of trouble. Smart enough to sacrifice others so she can survive. But deep down she knows there's a difference between having living, and surviving. The problem is she's been waiting for a hero, and believes she could never be one herself.

Other then being motivated by survival and what she believes is right (in that order) Sandy can also be swayed by bribery of fun. After all she's still a kid and kids just want to explore. Be creative. Play games. It's been too long since she was allowed to just be a kid and she's started to worry that she can't ever go back to that. Should she try to hold onto some of her lost childhood? Or leave it behind and run headlong towards being a grown up in a grown up world? These are the questions she struggles with on the many nights she has trouble falling asleep.

When given the option to stand and face her problems or run from them, she will almost always choose to run. She has a favorite joke her father told her once that has stuck with her all these years. "So there's these two campers in a tent sleeping when there's this growling outside in the woods. The two campers wake up. Just then a Giant Grizzly Bear tears through the tent. The first camper immediately grabs his runners and starts lacing them up. The second camper says "You can't outrun a bear!" The first camper smiles "No, but I can outrun you."


Prose: 200 word minimum. To mimic the spirit of capriciousness within this game, please write your third person sample based on the following prompt:

You have been set in a room in front of the Gamemakers to be judged on a score of one to twelve, with one being the lowest and twelve being the highest.

If you are a new tribute, you have been plucked from home and rushed in here with only a brief explanation of what is going on: You are about to enter an arena death match that only one person will make it out of, and impressing these people will help you live.

If you are someone from Panem, then you are very unlucky. You know what's going on but... you were told all the tributes were from a foreign land now. So why are you in front of the Gamemakers fighting for your life now? Are you a criminal, a traitor, deeply in debt? Or do you even know why you were shoved in to this room?

Sandy's nervous eyes darted around the room taking it all in. Things had been moving so fast, even for her. One moment she was running for her life, condemning other to death so she could escape. And now people were telling her she was going to have to fight for her life like some kind of cage match?

Her confused protests were met with obstinate refusal. Her frustration against adults was mounting.

"Do I look like a fighter to you?!" She shouted, "I'm just a kid! Not even a really smart kid! The only thing I'm really good at is running. So if you think that's worth something great!"

She began pacing. "I mean so what do you want me to do? Run laps around the room?"

There was something else she could do...but all of her life she had been told to keep it a secret...

...but what good were secrets when they were just going to get her killed? She glanced up at the people who were apparently in charge of her fate. Would it be enough? Would they even care? Obviously they didn't care about her well being or they wouldn't be forcing her into this.

"Alright, I've got one other skill. You guys are the experts right? So you can decide how useful this would be." And without even a a twitch to indicate she was making an effort her body turned grey like slate. Her skin, clothes and hair all turned to stone before their very eyes.

"Never had much use for it at home but I guess..." She wandered over to the weapons on display and took a knife, drawing it against her wrist and sending sparks as stone and metal met. "And see look. It doesn't slow me down." She took off running with surprising speed despite the thud of stone feet. She was agile darting around tables in desperation.

She'd outrun the cruelty of the world for this long. How much longer could she keep it up?

What is your character scored: 4 Because She is pretty fast for a normal human even without her stone coating. Plus she has a kind of kicked puppy look which might play well with the audience.


Dec. 1st, 2010 11:33 am
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That jerk Billy Numerous is back again, he's got us cornered in the candy shop at the mall, and it sounds like there's lots more of him out there! We could use some firepower to back us up here it's just me, Gotsu and Charlie and...

[The sound of a scream of pain utterly familiar to some people]


[Transmission lost]
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[Someone's been busy again, all these "Anti-Ravemon" propaganda things and all the rumors and whispers in the street have inspired everyone's favorite anonymous spray painter to do some work on a billboard facing the police station. It's fairly simple, the words... "WAR = GAME OVER", and a peace symbol, the only really impressive thing is one wonders how on earth the writer got up there, probably had to fly.]
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[A loud piercing scream of one Tiffany Clay can be heard in the backround]


Her eyes are awake! What's she looking at?!


Run Tiffany! Out the window fast!!!


Tiffany it's me!!!

[Another scream and the sound of a fireball spell igniting]

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Man...I hate getting my ass kicked. Even after learning some Karate...even with a Pactio AND my powers...I keep ending up face down in the dirt or running away.

Thanks Doctor Fran for stitching my arm um...back'd hardly know it was gone...and I guess my new scar looks kinda cool.

So yeah...scary ass Bearmon...turns into Wendimon, tried to kill me. Said something about a Lord Daemon? What's that all about?
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[The first sound heard is the clanging of trashcans being knocked over and someone grunting from being thrown into them, gagging sounds next and then a voice.]

Hate me... Hate me...!!

And I say, (hey) (hey)
What I wanna say
Tell me I'm an angel,
Take this to my grave.
Tell me I'm a bad man,
Kick me like a stray.
Tell me I'm an angel,
Take this to my grave!

[The sound of heavy footsteps as the voice gets closer]

You better run like the devil,
'Cause they're never gonna leave you alone!
You better hop in the alley,
'Cause they're never gonna find you a home!

And as the blood runs down the walls,
You see me creepin' up these halls.
I've been a bad motherfucker
Tell the Tamers I'm another
Go! Go! Go!

[The last thing heard is a deafening scream that can be heard throughout Tetha as a Demon Sealed Wendimon unleashes his Destroyed Voice attack]

*Signal ends*
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-nd s-so then I just...I-I couldn't just let him stay like that *Whimper tremble in her voice* S-so...I-I u-used a-a healing potion...a-and I broke N-negi's Pactio Card a-all t-to boost my own powers...a-and I-I managed to get him back...b-but I don't know...

What happened next? I can tell you...Hana's uncle found you both...carried you guys to the hospital and the Doc had to pull out all the stops to save you both...there was a post I saved...a-all of that Tiff...that was amazing. You saved his life.


What are you so sad about?

I-I'm sorry I missed your birthday...

...You are so stupid. I don't care!!! brought back the most important person in my life...I'm limited... )

T-that was beautiful Sandy...

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Another song and some more insight into what Sandy likes to do in her free time )


That was pretty awesome.

D-did I just...

Rock out hardcore while standing on a table in the clinic's lunchroom? Yes...and the laser light show effects were kinda great too.

...check the D-comm.

Huh...yeah it's on...go figure.

*Groan curse* Of coarse it's on.
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So I've been thinking lately...

Did it hurt?

Shut up pebblehead. Anyway I was thinking of picking up another hobby, I mean running is fun and relaxing, and the Kung fu stuff Ran is teaching me is cool and all And spray painting while fun is kind of expensive without a job

But I was wondering what sort of hobbies the rest of you out there do for fun? Like I dunno, sports, crafts, but no stamp collecting. That's gotta be like the lamest of the lame.


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